Signature Japanese and Sushi restaurant in Barcelona

Watatsumi is Barcelona’s signature Japanese sushi restaurant. A little gem of Japanese cuisine from Tokyo where you can taste and enjoy gastronomic creations in a privileged location. Located on the terrace of the Las Arenas shopping centre in Barcelona.

Tradition & authenticity on the palate

Watatsumi Sushi Barcelona’s gastronomic creations fuse ancestral and traditional cuisine with touches of Tokyo’s modern urban cuisine. Dishes made with ingredients of the highest quality and with a personal touch.

#Food Creativity

At Watatsumi Japanese Restaurant we devise new recipes beyond the typical. We like to innovate and create food that surprises, always made with the best ingredients. We are much more than a Japanese sushi restaurant.

#Japan Authenticity

At Watatsumi Sushi Barcelona we know that in order to reinvent Japanese food we must first know ancestral Japanese food. That is why we have our Japanese chef, something you won’t be able to find in every restaurant.

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Where are we?

Watatsumi Sushi is located on the panoramic terrace of Las Arenas shopping centre in Plaza España Barcelona.