The authenticity of before, with the creativity of now.

Watatsumi Sushi Barcelona is not simply Japanese or sushi cuisine. Watatsumi brings together the best of ancestral Japanese cuisine with precise modern touches that bring the perfect nuances to each dish. Watatsumi is the fusion of the same cuisine at different times.

Restaurante Japones Barcelona Watatsumi
Sushi Barcelona Watatsumi

A special place for people who appreciate the experience.

In Tokyo, premium restaurants are found on the terraces of luxury hotels, as well as shopping centres or places with a special symbolism.

Watatsumi Sushi Barcelona is located on the panoramic terrace of Las Arenas shopping centre, a place that together with the beautiful design and interior design, intensify the experience.

In one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Barcelona

Watatsumi’s presence in the city of Barcelona is not coincidental either. Barcelona is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the world. In the Mediterranean basin where a diversity of cultures come together, it is a space for high level gastronomic creation.