In a warm atmosphere that is inspired by the sea you can taste the classic creations.

The classic sushi and sashimi, maki, nigiri, some of them personally inspired. Watatsumi offers a Japanese cuisine to satisfy various tastes and pockets and includes a splendid children’s menu.

Watatsumi - para picarAppetizers
Watatsumi - Entrantes fríosCold Starters
Watatsumi - Entrantes calientesHot Starters
Watatsumi - SopasSoups
Watatsumi - Platos principalesMain Entrees
Watatsumi - SurtidosAssortments
Watatsumi - NigiriNigiri
Watatsumi - HosomakiHosomaki
Watatsumi - UramakiUramaki
Watatsumi - SashimiSashimi
Watatsumi - TemakiTemaki
Watatsumi - Rolls calientesHot Rolls
Watatsumi - PostresDessert
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